3 Must-Have Items for International Travel

Let's just be honest...travel is amazing and wonderful and sparkles and unicorns and whiskers on kittens. But if we're being really honest there's also the side that's tiring, uncomfortable, and annoying. For me—that's packing and preparing for travel.

But there are a few things that are always, without a doubt, going in my travel bag...and that make those uncomfortable parts of traveling a tad bit easier.

Over the years I've tried lots of travel-friendly products which help me build custom packing lists for our private travel clients and our those on our small group tours.  Here are a few of my favorites that I would never leave home without:

3 Must-Have Items for International Travel.png
  1. Inflatable Travel Pillow - I'll admit I used to make fun of people with travel pillows...and then I became one. My favorite Eagle Creek pillow deflates to a compact size, you can remove and wash the cover, and it's far more comfortable than airline pillows (currently unavailable on Amazon — another great option here: Purefly Pillow)

  2. RFID Blocking Wallet - You've certainly heard about the risk of identity theft through RFID (radio-frequency identification). This Articulate wallet/clutch is my favorite tool for storing my passport and cards while on the go. It has multiple compartments and has interchangeable straps.  There is also a men's wallet available.

  3. Compact Backpack - It's a pain to carry a backpack on the plane in addition to your other luggage. Having a backpack that folds up has been a life saver on hikes, in markets, and on day trips. My favorite is the Eddie Bauer Packable Daypack which has lots of pockets and *bonus* you can secure zippers to other zippers and hooks using an S-biner.

    And those are my top 3! What do you HAVE to have for international travel? I’m always looking to pick up more tips, so don’t hesitate to comment below your Top 3 Must-Haves!

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