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We are people people

We prioritize quality and integrity

We act with ownership and partnership

We are explorers


Meet the Team

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Annie Cheng  | Chief Eating Officer

My love affair with travel began at age 13 when my parents took me out of the U.S. for the first time. When I woke up in a thatched-roof hut with elephants and giraffes just steps away, everything changed. During our three week trip I absorbed everything like a sponge. I was intrigued by all the new foods and flavors. But most of all, I was fascinated by the people I met. Their lives were so different than mine, and yet somehow so similar at the same time. 

Since then I haven't stopped exploring. I studied abroad in Chile, volunteered in Kenya, chased love in Israel, competed for my dream job in the United Arab Emirates, and blogged about my adventures on a 6-month Round the World Trip. Although "home" is in Seattle, Washington, being abroad is my second home having spent over 5 years combined living & traveling internationally.

With professional experience in project management and volunteer experience managing events and inbound tour groups, it was a natural fit to combine my love of travel with my strengths in organization and planning. I founded The Table Less Traveled to share amazing destinations with eager travelers who want a worry-free travel experience.

Favorite food: Meats wrapped in carbs

Never leaves home without: Lotion & chapstick

Top of her bucket list: Hot air ballooning over Cappadocia, Turkey

Instagram: @anniechengeats | Twitter: @anniechengeats


Clara Mae Wells  |  Assistant

Favorite food: Louisiana cuisine

Never leaves home without: A bit of cash (in case I pass a great cash only food truck or hole-in-the-wall restaurant)

Top of her bucket list: Ziplining in Costa Rica